Rivista di filosofia
Journal of Philosophy
ISSN 2420-9775
Anno IX, N. 23,
Online 31/12/2023
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di Bianca Roselli
Mimesis Edizioni

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Saying Language: Heidegger on Teaching, Technology and Language M. J. Kruger-Ross

While Heidegger is widely regarded as the most influential philosopher of the twentieth century, he is often understood and interpreted solely as a philosopher. To be sure, most of the published works that we take as Heidegger’s books or texts are, in fact, transcripts of lecture courses. They are notes, asides, stories, and responses to a room of people, of students. There are new pathways to explore when we read Heidegger’s thinking as accounts of pedagogical relationality, rather than as a collection of assertions polished into publishable manuscripts. Coincidentally, this revelation is as a result of Heidegger’s edict on language.

KEYWORDS: Traditional Language, Technological Language, Teaching, Being, Phenomenology

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