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ISSN 2420-9775
Anno VIII, N. 20,
Online 31/10/2022
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di Bianca Roselli
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Heidegger on Rhetorical Language.
The 1924 Lecture Course on the Basic Concepts of Aristotelian Philosophy
A. Canzonieri

In his 1924 lectures Heidegger turns to describe human life by using Aristotle’s Rhetoric and rhetorical language as a starting points. With a long lasting attention, Heidegger insists on this crumbling-movement as a model to describe the ethical realm, to understand the meaning of good, virtue, right, concluding that in human life any practical value cannot exist beyond rhetorical contingency. Human interaction, inside language, withstands any type of enclosure, always remains open. Hence political life, inside language, can be defined as the range of actions aiming at managing to keep this opening. These actions are persuasive actions.

KEYWORDS: Rhetoric, Aristotle, Emotions, Self-relationship, Praxis

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