Rivista di filosofia
Journal of Philosophy
ISSN 2420-9775
Anno IX, N. 23,
Online 31/12/2023
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di Bianca Roselli
Mimesis Edizioni

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Evil or the Lack of Meaning P. Fridlund

I argue that Paul Ricœur displaces and decentres established theodicies; the issue of evil is perceived as a practical rather than a speculative matter. It is the view of evil as a productive aporia, which suggests that evil provokes action and obliges human beings to take a stand ethically and politically. Hence, the topic of evil is not necessarily about putting together a puzzle. The central problem of evil has less to do with logic than with resignation, inertia, despair and meaninglessness.

KEYWORDS: Action, Aporia, Resignation, Paul Ricœur, Theodicy

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